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Keep Your Number for Free
Your number can come with you so friends and family can continue to call without changing a thing!
11 Free Features
Keep Your Number for Free
Caller’s name and phone number are conveniently displayed on your phone.
This feature allows you to have a conference call with up to 2 other people.
Call Forwarding
Forward incoming calls to another phone number. You can forward calls to a cell, landline or VoIP number.
Call Return
Get information on the last caller, then decide if you would like to call back.
Do Not Disturb
Too busy to take a call? You can set the VoIP phone to Do Not Disturb mode. The calls will be directed to your voicemail.
Customized Your Caller ID
You can customize the format of your caller ID, such as displaying your last name first.
User-friendly voicemail system so your callers can always leave a message if you do not answer.
Call Transfer
Transfer any calls to another phone number while you are on a call. You can transfer calls to a cell, landline or VoIP number.
911 Dialing
Safety is of utmost importance, and your Carry Telecom VoIP Phone comes with an emergency 9-1-1 service.
Call Hold
Hold the call in the middle of a conversation and resume later.
Call Waiting
If you have multiple incoming calls, you can suspend a phone call in progress and take another call.
Completive International Long Distance Calling Rates

0.4 cents per minute to the US

0.9 cents per minute to following countries:

Austria Landlines,Denmark Landline,France - Landline, Germany Landlines, Greece Landlines, Hungary,Ireland Landlines,Italy Landlines,Netherlands Landlines,Portugal Landlines,Singapore,Spain Landlines,Sweden Landlines,UK Landlines
1.9 cents per minute to following countries:
Australia Landlines,Austria Mobile,Belgium Landlines & Mobile Mobistar,China,Denmark, Greece - Mobile Cosmote & Mobile Vodafone, New Zealand Landlines,Norway Landlines,Singapore - IP Phone,Spain Mobile, Sweden - Mobile,Switzerland Landlines,UK – Mobille
2.9 cents per minute to following countries:
Bangladesh,Belgium - Mobile Lycamobile,Mobile Telenet,Mobile Base, Mobile Proximus, Chile-,Chile - Santiago - Landlines, France - Mobile, Germany - Mobile, Hong Kong, India, Italy - Mobile, Japan Landlines,Korea South,Luxembourg,Malaysia,Poland,Portugal - Mobile,Switzerland - Special Services,Taiwan Landlines
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